Lawyer Advertising Services

Whether you are a small law firm, an established firm, or an individual attorney beginning to build your practice, our lawyer advertising services can help you not only compete, but dominate.  No matter your legal focus, whether your firm specializes in injury cases, wrongful death claims, trial litigation, criminal law, probate, estate planning and or any other legal specialty, our legal marketing expertise can help develop an online advertising plan to keep prospective clients calling.

Lawyer advertising online is notoriously expensive with PPC (Pay Per Click) costs ranging from $8 – $45 per click in some cases!  It is a sad but true fact that the majority of online lawyer placed advertising is money wasted without return, law firms either paying to expose their advertisements to too broad a market, or because their campaigns are not optimized to take advantage of some of the secrets to online advertising that can get your legal services exposed to potential clients at less cost.

BUT…  There is an alternative to throwing your money away with Google Adwords, or other paid traffic networks, spending countless hours and throwing thousands upon thousands of dollars for the slight chance of acquiring the needle in the haystack client.  Let us optimize your lawyer advertising campaigns, and in so doing, lower your operating costs, increase your traffic, and improve the quality of your traffic.   Let us sculpt your campaign so that your advertising produces highly targeted, interested in your services, clients.

ALSO..  The internet is a vast and lucrative resource, and most law firms have only begun to scratch the surface of the potential lead generation online lawyer advertising can provide.  Not only can we optimize your current campaigns for the major networks, but we also work with and can use less well known advertising resources that are are less saturated and provide more impact for your advertising dollar.

In addition, there are a variety of free advertising opportunities that when developed over time, can turn a trickle of leads into a torrent of clients for your law firm.  Web 2.0, Twitter, social network advertising with web locations such as Facebook and others are redefining the online advertising landscape and creating vast opportunity for the savvy marketer.  Don’t dither, doing what you have always done, expecting different results.  Contact us now and let us show you how our lawyer advertising services can grow your law practice today.

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