Powerful Legal Marketing

Legal marketing online, when done right, provides results. Most likely you have already developed the traditional advertising opportunities, such as the yellow pages, television or radio ads, local paper advertising. You have learned there is no better substitute for word of mouth referral clients, that come predisposed to your legal service. You also have discovered that legal competition is fierce, and traditional advertising methodologies are saturated, very expensive and often don’t yield the client load you would like.

BUT…  There is an alternative.  Law firms are just breaking the surface of the online potential for lead generation.  Every day their are thousands of nationwide interested individuals looking for the legal services your firm provides.  A dominating presence on the search engines for your firms services and products can yield a stream of targeted client leads carrying your firm successfully into the future.

A word of caution.  Achieving top positions in the search engines requires sustained efforts and is a winner takes all game.  The #1 ranked site on Google is statistically estimated to gather 48% of the search traffic for the targeted term.  The #2 position drops to roughly 8%, #3 falls to 2%, etc.  For success you need the best, half efforts and second place simply won’t do in the highly competitive legal marketing field.

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